CSDC Internal Diving Competition July 2019

On Sunday 14th of July 2019 the Corby Steel Diving Club hosted the Corby Diving Internal Competition at the East Midlands International Pool and it was a great success.

Our internal competition is a diving mixed events where boys and girls compete against each other for the top places on their different diving levels or club squads, medals were presented to the top three divers and diplomas to the rest on each level.

It was amazing to see divers from the Corby’s East Midlands International Pool Learn to Dive Programme and divers from the Corby Steel Diving Club competing in all different levels on a nail biting and challenging competition.

It was really nice to see all participating children and parents happy during the competition.

From organizing the children at the Pool entrance, getting divers ready to do some training before their competition, judging, table judges, running dive-recorder and the logistics in general the competition ran very smoothly and professionally thanks’ to the hard work of our amazing Club Committee which also organised a raffle, cakes sale, shammie sales and more.
I would like to thank all parents and divers, CSDC club committee and CEMIP management for the amazing support we are looking forward to the next internal competition.

With Regards
Ricardo Gutiérrez
CSDC Head Diving Coach