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White Rose Novices 2019

In conjunction with Leeds City Council the

White Rose Novices 2019
Date 19.10.2019 - 20.10.2019
Southampton Invitational 2019
Date 26.10.2019 - 28.10.2019
TID Games (Advanced Skills Dry and Wet) 2019
Date 16.11.2019 - 17.11.2019
ESSA Diving Nationals (Age Group) 2019
Date 07.12.2019 - 08.12.2019
Well done to everyone who took part in our Summer Diving Competition! It was fantastic to see so many talented divers, a really great day raising over £600 for the Club! Thank you! 👌💪👏😁 #CSDC #DivingLivesHere #FutureChampions#diving ** 3 Corby Steel Diving Club divers made a splash at the prestigious Life Centre Plymouth to compete at the Swim England national Skills Finals 2019 our youngsters did us proud with good performances all round in a very tough and with high numbers per event competition! ** After 3 long days of tough competition and 2 top 10’s our Corby divers did great at the Swim England National Age Group Championships 2019 making the CSDC proud! ** Well done to everyone at Bag-packing 22nd June 2019 at Morrisons Corby! We managed to raise an incredible £579.62!! ** Drake Trophy 2019-Three divers represented the CSDC and the East Midlands region. Our divers scored high smashing their own personal bests to qualify for the National Skills Finals 2019 with points to spare. **
London Region Open Skills 2019
Team GB
Yona Knight-Wisdom
Team GB
Jack Laugher
Corby Sports Awards 2018
NAG 2019
Waiting to dive!

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Well done to everyone at Bag-packing 22 nd June 2019 at Morrisons Corby! We managed to raise an incredible £579.62!! The amazing bag packers and...
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    • Diving can take place from a platform or springboard into water.
    • Divers have to perform a set number of skills / dives according to established requirements, including somersaults and twists. They are judged on how well they complete all aspects of the dive and the amount of splash created by their entry to the water.
    • Diving is an internationally-recognized sport which is part of the Olympic Games. It is also one of the most popular Olympic sports with spectators. 
    • Diving mainly takes place within a club environment; coaches working within this sport will focus on preparing athletes for competition.
    • Diving offers a touch of variety to the usual sports taught in schools and helps to improve discipline, co-ordination, agility and confidence.
    • Being part of a lesson or club encourages social interaction, developing new skills together and sharing common experiences.
    • Gymnastics, Dancing and Trampoline are very similar sports to diving and teachers can transfer many of the skills learnt in those sports into the pool.
    • Physically - Natural ability; strength, speed, flexibility, form, body type.
    • Trainability - The learning of complex skills, spatial awareness and the willingness to work hard to become the best – a stubbornness that only the best will do.
    • Environment - The quality of the facility, travel time to and from training, the total hours available for training and the quality of the training.
    • Coaching - Coaches must be at least one step if not more ahead of the game, experience is essential; a coach who works tirelessly to stay ahead of his / her athletes is the key for success. 
    • Support - A strong support structure from an array of providers, but first and foremost the commitment of the family for their child’s success. In addition, support from sport science, medicine and ancillary sporting providers such as: Gymnastics, dance, strength and conditioning.
    • Natural Competitor - A desire to win / achieve and never say never attitude.
    • CSDC was established in 2010 and is working towards becoming the leading force of springboard and platform diving in the East Midlands.
    • Working closely with Corby Borough Council and the Amateur Swimming Association, the club is responsible for the development of the competitive side of diving, with the mission of bringing athletes from complete beginners to international competitive standards.
    • The programme provided by the club is designed to develop the participants basic skills on trampoline, dry-land and diving techniques all the way up to competitive training skills. Personal and general skills are taught including self discipline, courage, coordination, balance, grace, strength, flexibility, team spirit, sport psychology, fitness and health, planning, focus and determination.
    • As the aim of the CSDC Squad is to try and fast track exceptionally talented children through to competitive diving, we will be giving them the chance to take part in the same amount and style of training that a competitive diver would do. The training the squad will take part in will include diving sessions in the pool and also dry land training that is designed to enhance their skills and help them progress faster.
    • The dry land training will be a combination of strength and conditioning, and flexibility training to help the divers be physically prepared for the dives they will be learning in the pool, alongside gymnastics and trampoline sessions designed to improve their acrobatic skills so they will find it easier to transfer these techniques into the pool.
    • A diver taking off from the 10m platform hits the water at 30 mph and is in the air for less than 3 seconds.
    • Britain’s Leon Taylor invented the back 2 1/2 somersaults, 2 1/2 twists which is now used by many of the world’s top male divers.
    • Diving is often thought of as a dangerous sport yet when practised in the correct environment it is safe as any other active sport.
    • The fulcrum or ‘wheel’ on a springboard is adjusted to control the amount of spring the diver gets from the board.
    • Divers can do multiple somersaults and twists at the same time.
    • The most somersaults ever performed off the 10m platform are a forward 4 1/2 in the tucked position.
    • Rip – The word originates from the sound that is made when a diver enters the water without making a splash!
    • During practice a bubble machine produces air bubbles in the water to decrease the surface tension of the water, cushioning impact for the diver when learning new skills.

"Community Club Of The Year 2018. Corby Steel Diving Club is a dynamic and highly successful community club that delivers excellent opportunities for local individuals. It is supported by a highly motivated committee and is expanding its membership and coaching team year on year. It has been awarded Swim Mark accreditation and is one of only 8 clubs in the country to be awarded with Diving Development Centre status

Corby Sports Awards 2018

"Coach of the Year Award 2016 Ricardo Gutiérrez - Ricardo is an exceptional diving coach who has taken Corby Steel Diving Club from a small local club to win national junior medals. The club have finished in the top three at each event over the past year, with between 12 and 15 clubs entering each competition. Nine divers qualified and competed at the English Schools Diving championship finals in London, representing the East Midlands. Ricardo’s coaching, commitment and dedication to diving development in the Corby and the East Midlands is second to none. Ricardo is an exceptional coach, who inspires everyone with his enthusiasm, knowledge and love for diving.


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DiveRecorder is a program designed to manage the entire Recording function for springboard and platform diving meets. It can be used at every level from local club events to international meets under FINA Rules. If you ever combine events, run two or more concurrently, want to have an online scoreboard showing dive-by-dive scores - then you should look at DiveRecorder. www.diverecorder.co.uk